About Wizfair

Wizfair has been a leader in search and discovery for over 20 years. We provide world class search experiences that help people find what they want quickly and easily. We also help companies connect to customers through high intent advertising.Our websites and apps are powered by innovative technologies and machine learning. Our data science and engineering teams come from organizations that lead the world in technology.

Search Partnership

Custom Solutions. Global Coverage

Designed to meet your unique business needs, our diverse search solutions have you covered whether you’re looking for a desktop web, toolbar, mobile launcher, Chrome extension, mobile web or mobile app search experience.

Private Label Search: We private-label our search solution with your brand and navigation to match your unique look and feel, so the value customers receive comes from you

Hosted Search Solution: More revenue, less cost. Let us host your search result pages and earn a revenue share on every paid click, with no development or hosting costs.

Comprehensive Search Toolkit: Utilize our array of helpful tools, including website match, predictive text, spell suggest, specialty vertical search, related searches, direct and programmed answers and more.